As-Souq prides herself to be a one-stop center for all your Arabic learning needs. As-Souq provides courses and resources for different learners from as young as four years old to adults. Learner-centered and interactive, lessons are customized to ensure learning of Arabic, here at As-Souq to be an enjoyable and stress-free journey.

Founded in 2012, As-Souq started as a small online business to provide products such as learning materials and educational toys and DVDs to support the learning of Arabic Language.

In 2013, As-Souq officially launched her very own Arabic Language Courses as part of the mission ‘To share and instill the love of Arabic in everyone’.

As-Souq is founded and managed by a trained language specialist, Mohammad Shahid Bin Noor’ain who has had years of experience studying and teaching Arabic Language.

As-Souq has grown from strength to strength over the years. From being just an Arabic Language course provider to one which caters to the different learning needs such as providing enrichment Arabic Courses for madrasah students, Arabic language and cultural camp for students from schools and mosques, Interpretation workshops for madrasahs and calligraphy courses just to name a few.

Students of As-Souq come from all walks of life and there will always be something which would cater to everyone.

Who We Are

We are a team of professional, dedicated and passionate individuals who love to spread the beauty of Arabic Language and Arab Culture.

What We Do

We provide courses, workshops, programs and services related to the Arabic language, Arabic Calligraphy & Arts and culture. In line with our vision to be a hub for all things Arabic, we also sell merchandise and products related to Arabic and Arab culture.




What Students Say

Nurhafizah Hashim

Learning Arabic is fun at As-Souq. The Mudaris (teacher), Syahid, is very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching us the language. He allowed us to understand what we are learning at a good pace. Plus, having great classmates is a bonus!

Rohani Mahmood

Parents whom are keen in sending their children to Madrasah, no worries! Call As Souq Arabic Centre and register your child for the Pri 1 structured preparatory courses. An Arabic school, I strongly recommend. Thank you teachers and all involved in making my grandson successful in his admission to madrasah Al Irsyad. May Allah bless you.

Ann My

Great knowledge and place to explore!

Shahnaz Alkaff

My daughter had a really good time during the holiday camp. The classes are fun and highly engaging. You have a very good aproach in teaching young kids MasyaaAllah

Sofia Az-Zahra

a timely iniative. subhan’Allah! May Allah reward you guys for spreading the khayr. you think arabic is difficult but with the right platform & support system it is not all that difficult. Insya Allah.

D'Aura Diyaz Lestry

My 1st born enrolled for as-souq last year. Alhamdulillah…he love the environment and interaction with his classmates. A very engaging programme which allow him to learn and have fun.. Thank you educators of as-souq!

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