Madrasah Preparatory Programme

Courses info

Each and every lesson is student-centric and is thoughtfully designed to trigger his interest in primary school subjects such as English, Maths, Malay and Arabic. Through a unique learning experience here, we aim to cultivate a positive learning spirit which will prepare your child for Madrasah Entrance Test and beyond.


Course Outline

Students will:

– Identify 1 – 40
– Understand mathematical concepts (addition,
subtraction, number bonds, patterns etc)
-Apply concepts learnt in different exam formats

Students will:

– Firm up literacy and penmanship skills
– Expand thematic vocabulary
– Build confidence in oral components
– Learn simple grammar rules
– Sharpen comprehension skills

Students will:

– Sharpen their language skills in domains of auditory, oral, writing and comprehension
– Build vocabulary through different themes closely related to them
– Build confidence to respond and interact in Malay

Students will:

– Recognise the 28 Arabic alphabets in the different forms
– Arrange the alphabets in order
– Recognise and join letter forms in words
– Recognise the Arabic numerals (1-10)
– Understand basic words
– Recite daily dua’s and basic surahs

Duration of Course

  • Twice a week (4 subjects) / once a week (2 subjects)
  • 12 weeks per term
  • 2 hours per session

Course Fees

  • $200/4 lessons for 2 subjects
  • $360/4 lessons for 4 subjects
  • Registration fee: $20 (one-time payment)
  • Materials fee: $60 for 4 subjects/per term
  • Materials fee: $30 for 2 subjects/per term

Note: A minimum of 5 pax to materialise a class


Upcoming Intake

Term 1 (2023/2024)

Day & Time:

Saturday and/or Sunday

Commencement Date: 24 June 2023


@ As-Souq Arabic Centre

Full Programme


(Arabic, Malay, English & Maths)

Begins 24th June 2023

2 Subjects


(Arabic & Malay OR English & Maths)

Begins 24th June 2023