Khat ‘Arabi : Naskh Script

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This is an intensive basic-comprehensive Arabic NASKH calligraphy programme, which will take participants into a holistic experience of the traditional training of Naskh script. ⠀

Participants will experience 4 phases of essential calligraphy training all combined in one holistic programme for an enriching experience of Naskh script. These phases are made up of individual essential modules:


(traditional instrument)


(basic level)


(intermediate level)


(advance portion)

Along with materials and equipment, participants will discover the discipline and culture in the craft of Naskh calligraphy. This extensive programme enables participants to be engaged in a much focused and enriching flow, and attain an extensive exposure of experiencing the classical Naskh script.

The Naskh script is the fundamental to all other forms of cursive Arabic scripts. It is one of the prime classical master-script, and also the foundation for 6 classical master pens.

For about 300 years, the majestic Kufi script has been dominating the transcription of the Holy Quran, as the official Mushaf script. Thence, Naskh script took over and its styles has been the dominating script to this date.
Naskh, which means: transcribing, evolved in Baghdad, which was the early capital of Islam and centre of Arab. The foundation of Naskh script can be traced back to as early as 750 AD or even earlier.

In the 10th-11th century AD,master calligraphers perfected this Naskh script and it grew to become official script till today. In this modern day, the fundamentals of Arabic calligraphy, and advance typography still refers to Naskh script as a standard guide to develop the Arabic alphabet writing/typing system.

Apart from understanding the art and culture of Arabic calligraphy, this experience will not only allow a person to express themselves beautifully through writing, but also in various aspects of discipline, therapeutic thinking and understanding, exploration and discovery of oneself, and many other
forms of personal development.

At the end of the course, this programme aims to get participants to understand and appreciate Arabic calligraphy not only in various perspectives and depths, but importantly going through the door to the beauty of Arabic and Islamic arts in its most authentic way.

Naskh Essential Course Outline

  • Participants will be introduced to creating a traditional pen out of bamboo or reed known as “Qalam” in Arabic
  • Learn how to write the basic letters of Naskh script
  • Learn the basic techniques of joining the alphabets
  • Experience an insight of the advance phase of Naskh calligraphy

Duration of Course

  • Once a week for 16 weeks
  • 2 hours per session

Course Fees

  • Course fees: $100
  • Materials fee: $20
  • 4 Sessions

No requirement. Fundamentals for beginners.
Note: A minimum of 8 pax to materialise a class



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