Arabic Conversation and Culture

Course Info

This class is ideal for those who would like to focus on their conversational skills. Unlike the usual conversational classes, this enrichment programme breaks the classes into specific topics of interest based on common scenarios which might be relevant and useful.

Course Outline

  • Role-playing in situational context
  • Learn specific sentences
  • Be exposed to common Arab culture
  • Learn Arabic expressions
  • Break the ice! (greetings and introduction in new setting)
  • Shop till you drop! (buying and asking for things in a shop)
  • At a restaurant (ordering food and paying)
  • Survival arabic (useful things to say when lost)
  • Making a reservation (making bookings for hotels/flights etc)

Duration of Course

  • 4 sessions
  • Once a week
  • 2 hours per session

Programme Fees

  • $150 (inclusive of materials fee)

Note: A minimum of 5 pax to materialise a class

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