Iqra Quran

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Iqra Quran Course

This course is the first step you need to start reading the Quran fluently.
In this course, you will be learning the proper pronunciation and recitation of the Quran right from the basics.
No background knowledge needed and come as you are!

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Arabic alphabets (Al-Huruf Al-Hijaiyyah)
  • Pronunciation of Arabic alphabets
  • Points of Articulation of the alphabets (Makhaarijul Huruf)
  • Vowels (short vowels & long vowels)
  • Diacritics
  • Basic Rule of Recitation (Tajweed)

Duration of Course

  • Once a week for 7 weeks
  • 1 hour per session

Note: A minimum of 8 pax to materialise a class

Lesson Info

Courses Fees

Courses Fees
$ 170
Textbook Fees
$ 10

Payment method: Full payment of $90 per level