Khat ‘Arabi: Diwani Script

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Diwani is a calligraphic variety of Arabic script, a cursive style developed during the reign of the early Ottoman Turks (16th century – early 17th century).

It was labeled the Diwani script because it was used in the Ottoman diwan (government office) and was one of the secrets of the sultan’s palace. The rules of this script were not known to everyone, but confined to its masters and a few bright students. It was used in the writing of all royal decrees, endowments, and resolutions. A Diwani text adorned with a tugrah, a complex calligraphic seal, represented the authority of the Sultan and the Ottoman state.

Diwani is marked by beauty and harmony, and accurate small samples are considered more beautiful than larger ones. It is still used in the correspondence of kings, princes, presidents, and in ceremonies and greeting cards. and has a high artistic value.

The 3 months beginner course will bring you to experience the cursive script of Arabic calligraphy. The first in Singapore, it has not been taught before.

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  • Course fees: $300
  • Materials fee: $20

No requirement. Fundamentals for beginners.
Note: A minimum of 8 pax to materialise a class



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