I do not have any background of Arabic at all; can I still join the classes?

Of course! We cater to all learners with different levels of proficiency. We will start from scratch in our Alif Baa: Introduction to Arabic course. You will be taught from zero knowledge.

I only have a little knowledge such as recognising letters, which would be a suitable level for me?

Recognising letters is a good start. You can join our Fusha 1: Modern Standard Arabic 1 with other similar learners who could also recognise Arabic letters already.

Is there an age requirement for the courses

Yes, for now. We offer courses for those who are above 16 years old. If you do not meet this requirement, do not fret, you will reach the age limit soon or before you know it, we might open up for our younger learners in the near future

I need a private tutor for Arabic, is this service offered here?

Yes, we do! We have weekdays/weekends slots. Do specify when registering and we will get back to you on the available time slots.

What is the rate for personal 1-1 class?

It will be slightly more than normal whole group course and will be at an hourly rate which varies depending on duration of class. Contact us for further details.

Is it possible to conduct conversational course at my workplace for staff instead of at the centre?

It is definitely possible, we can arrange for a one-off half or full day course or a weekly lunch time session. It is up to your preference and convenience.

What is the method of payment for the courses?

You have the choice to make the full course payment or monthly instalments via internet banking/bank transfer/cash/cheque.

How long will it take for translation work to be done?

It depends on the number of words/pages of the documents to be translated. An A4 single sided-page could be done within 2-5 working days

How much will the translation of a document cost?

The translation charges are at $80/page or $0.30/word whichever is higher.

Is it possible to have ad-hoc interpreter services?

Yes, we do not have long term contract to conduct interpretation services. Ad-hoc services must be informed 1 week in advance to cater to our schedules and other commitments.

Are the items you are selling in stock or pre-ordered?

Most of our items are in stock. For large quantities, a pre-order is required.

How long will it take for the items to reach me?

Your order is only confirmed upon receipt of payment. For items in stock, it will reach you within 4-7 working days (within Singapore) or 14-21 working days (International shipping). For pre-order items, it will be between 3-4 weeks.

How is the delivery charge for each item

You can choose to do it via standard mail or registered. The delivery charges are fixed at $2.00 per order via standard mail or $4.20 via registered mail. For any orders in Singapore above $100, delivery charges are waived.

Can I do cash-on-delivery?

We are sorry that we do not accept cash-on-delivery for safety reasons and to prevent any complications.

Are the goods refundable?

Items are non-refundable unless it is a manufacture defect.

What if the items got lost during delivery

We are sorry that it is not within our control for such unfortunate incidents to happen. We strongly encourage registered mails to ensure safety and your peace of mind.

If you have another questions